805Help.org  | Current Project
program management services, website maintenance, strategic planning, fundraising, marketing & communication, growth management 
                  “The Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslide disasters have devastated our community and more
             than 6 months later, survivors are still trying to find the support they need to get back on their 
For that reason, the Gene Haas Foundation is announcing a challenge grant of $25,000 to ThomasFireHelp,
         allowing them to continue their work of connecting those affected by the disasters with the services they
      need. We’re proud to be a part of the good work being done by this 
hard-working organization. As new
       disasters strike, innovative models like ThomasFireHelp will be integral to the recovery of the region
        ThomasFireHelp is poised to be 
leader in recovery assistance and The Gene Haas Foundation
                           is proud to be part of the effort.” -Peter Zierhut, Vice President of Haas Automation

Ventura County Leadership Academy  Current Project
program management services, including committee meeting facilitation, management of cohort recruitment, sessions, awards luncheon, & graduation, and marketing & communications.

California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth   | Current Project

event management of annual two-day conference for 3 industry sectors, 600+ attendees, including contract negotiation & management, venue coordination & logistics, vendor management, attendee registration, speaker coordination, and event day management.

Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura | Current Project

Fundraising, marketing, public relations, and event planning

Turning Point | Current Project
Fundraising, grant writing and event planning 

Community Action Ventura County | Current Project

program management, community needs assessment, marketing an communications, donor cultivation, and management systems.

Association of Fundraising Professionals  | Current Project

nonprofit management including membership services, training and event registration, communications, and website maintenance.

  “VISIONALITY is a great team to work with. I recommend them highly and would
                              love to work with them again in the future.”  - Katherine Wertheim

Ventura County Economic Development Association  |  Current Project
nonprofit management for a 501(c)(6) membership organization, including facilitation and support of monthly Board and committee meetings, membership coordination, general administration, and communications & outreach.

   "VISIONALITY allows our organization to work on items critical to mission - rather than all of the 
                                          logistics - so that we can keep the organization alive." - Sandy Smith

Ventura County Community Foundation | Current Project 
Administrative & Event planning support for the Conejo Valley Victims Fund, Supporting the families of the victims and the survivors of borderline. 

Interface Children & Family Services  | 2016-2018
event day live program production of 2016, 2017 & 2018 Hope & Harvest benefit dinner for 300+ attendees.

Central Coast Medical Association, San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties | 2018
annual board retreat facilitation.

Thousand Oaks Library Foundation  |  2018
program management services, website maintenance, strategic planning, fundraising, marketing & communication, growth management 

"At our recent Board retreat, VISIONALITY was able to help us take the time to express our opinions 
             to help make the Thousand Oaks Library Foundation an even better organization.  I feel that our retreat 
              was time well spent and was well worth the results. We now have a more cohesive sense of direction and 
                                                                   goals thanks to this Board Retreat." -Kay Runnion

Ventura County Tax Payers Association | 2018
membership management support, corporate membership program & marketing package development, marketing, e-newsletter management, and event support.

California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks  | 2017-2018
donor management software set-up and support, and fundraising plan consultation.

Camarillo Ranch Foundation   | 2017-2018
nonprofit administration & management, including membership management & growth, and marketing & communications.

                             "VISIONALITY helped us craft a 4 part end-of-year-appeal at the end of 2017 which tripled 
                              our annual membership revenue. Their team was very professional and helped us through 
                            every part of the process from content creation to printing and mailing. We're so excited 
                           by this success and are excited to carry on this momentum into the new year." - Marissa Lopez

Kids & Families Together  | 2017-2018
fundraising plan development, hiring support, implementation and management.

Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties  |  2017-2018
event management of 2017 & 2018 Wish Night fundraising gala, including venue coordination & logistics, vendor management, attendee registration, and volunteer management.

Santa Monica Mountains Fund  |  2017-2018

event support for the 2018 annual fundraiser, including marketing support, registration support, honoree communications, and event day management, planned and executed the first benevon "point of entry" event, and created a customized manual to follow for future point of entry events. 

Ventura County Civic Alliance  |  2013-2018
nonprofit management for small nonprofit, including committee meeting facilitation, fundraising, event coordination, and marketing & outreach.                       
  "VISIONALITY provides more than support; they provide real partnership." - Stacy Roscoe      

                       "VISIONALITY constantly meets deadlines and anticipates and solves problems before they arise -
                                                         and they do it all with a smile." - Katrina Maksimuk

California Partnership to End Domestic Violence State Conference  |  2017
registration services, including website production, onsite registration services, providing overall technical and logistical support.

Ventura College Foundation  | 2017
development manager interim staffing services, including direct mail campaigns, employee giving & ambassador program, electric & paper communications with alumni and donors, launching text-to-give capabilities and communicating with organizational partners.

                     "VISIONALITY ensured that our direct marketing, annual report, and scholarship fund reports were
              professionally produced and received by our donors as expected.  VISIONALITY stepped in to fill the gap
              left by turnover and gave me time to I find and hire the right new staff member. Our year-end results
              and our capacity to grow our fundraising would have taken a devastating hit were it not for VISIONALITY’s 
                                                            talented staff. VISIONALITY saved us.” – Anne King

State of the Region Report  |   2013-2017
project management to a complete bi-yearly 130-page report publication, including project planning & budgeting, committee relations, sponsor recruitment & relations, and coordination of project team including research team, writer, graphic designer, and printer.
 "VISIONALITY has kept a large, disparate group of contributors focused and on deadline.
                 Our project owes its quality, and probably its very existence, to VISIONALITY." - Tony Biasotti

                 "VISIONALITY is very easy to work with. They know what they are doing and need minimal
direction. They are thorough and professional. I would highly recommend them. "- Kay Faulconer Boger

Ventura County Transportation Commission  |  2015-2016
ongoing community outreach, event planning and execution, and management to support regional transportation planning agency. 

Ventura Botanical Gardens  |  2014 - 2015
project management, event coordination, and fundraising to raise $3.25 million to complete Phase 1 development of the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

2015 Business Outlook Conference |  October 23, 2015
event management for a half-day conference, including planning committee management, venue coordination & logistics, sponsor & speaker relations, attendee registration, and marketing & promotions.

2015 California STEM Summit  |  2013 - 2015
event management of annual two-day educational conference for 350+ attendees, including contract negotiation & management, venue coordination & logistics, vendor management, attendee registration, speaker coordination, and event day management.

Workplace 2020 Conference  |  April 3, 2014
event management for a half-day educational conference, including planning committee management, venue coordination & logistics, sponsor relations, attendee registration, and marketing & promotions.

Brightwave Energy  |  2013
business development and strategic marketing solutions, including identifying client opportunities within existing client sector, identifying and analyzing new potential client sectors, developing target client database, and developing and executing strategic outreach and marketing plan.

Housing Opportunities Made Easier |  2007 - 2013
contract executive director and conference coordinator for small nonprofit, including event planning, committee meeting facilitation, grant writing, and marketing & outreach.

VISIONALITY is a neutral outside consultant and takes no political, religious, ethical or moral stance when performing work. VISIONALITY serves a wide spectrum of clients with varied missions. As a neutral party, we neither oppose nor support the missions of the organizations we serve. Rather, our commitment is to perform the work for which we have been contracted.