VISIONALITY was founded in 2011 by Emily Barany, who recognized an immediate need in her community. She had the vision and a spare bedroom and took a leap of faith. Since then, VISIONALITY has grown from a one-woman passion project to a team of innovative thinkers and task masters, with over 60 years of nonprofit experience, who are dedicated to developing and implementing creative solutions that help make the world a better place. 

VISIONALITY partners with organizations who know they can do more and want a dedicated, problem-solving team with the resources, knowledge, and expertise to transform vision into reality. Our services include nonprofit management, event coordination, fundraising, strategic planning and evaluation, bookkeeping and accounting, and web development and support.

VISIONALITY is a neutral outside consultant and takes no political, religious, ethical or moral stance when performing work. VISIONALITY serves a wide spectrum of clients with varied missions. As a neutral party, we neither oppose nor support the missions of the organizations we serve. Rather, our commitment is to expertly and accurately perform the work for which we have been contracted.